Another year begins at SVGS


1 STA English

International English class

I am sitting in front of a class of new students on the first day of a new year. They are doing just what I am – starting a new entry in their blogs.

What is going on in their minds? What questions do they need the answers to? What are they concerned about?

Probably their first concern is about themselves. How am I going to fit into this class? What do the other students think about me? What does this teacher think about me? Am I going to be able to cope with this subject?

Then their thoughts move to the subject. Although they had a brief introduction to it last year, it is not the same as having a full year in this class. This teacher seems a bit older than the others. Is he going to be boring? Is he going to be very old-fashioned? Is he going to be very strict? Does he have a sense of humour? Does he remember what is was like to be a teenager? Will I get a good grade at the end of the year? What do I need to do to get a good grade? Am I going to learn anything interesting?  Will this course help me to grow?

Who knows. The students vary from class to class. That is the challenge of teaching this subject. No class is the same. The course changes with every class, and every day.

That’s what keeps me on my toes…

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